The Internet Has Made Money Management Easier

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The Internet Has Made Money Management Easier

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Options For Getting A Loan That Don'T Involve Another Credit Card

If your current credit cards are tapped out, you might be thinking of opening another one. But if you are looking for another option that won't add yet another card to your credit report, there's another option that might make more sense. There are companies today that can offer personal loans to qualified individuals. These loans are offered for specific purposes and will not remain an open account on your credit report after they are paid off. Here are some options to keep in mind when seeking a personal loan.

An Unsecured Personal Loan

If your credit is still fairly decent despite your one or two maxed-out cards, you might qualify for an unsecured personal loan. This type of loan simply requires you to pay a specific interest rate and pay the loan back within a specific amount of time. This is the closest type of loan to opening a new credit card account but doesn't actually make you get another card. If you don't qualify for this type of loan, don't freak out, as there are other options available.

Personal Loans Secured with Financial Assets

If your credit is not great, you might still be able to get a personal loan if you have some cash on hand. You could sign over a CD or perhaps the money inside a savings account. Keep in mind that you may forfeit the financial asset if you don't pay back the personal loan in a timely fashion. But this will allow you to get the extra money you need without having to completely drain your current assets and allow you to keep some cash on hand for a real emergency while using your personal loan for another purpose like paying for car repairs.

Personal Loans Secured with Tangible Goods or Collateral

You may also be able to get a personal loan even if you don't have good credit or cash on hand to secure it. Look around the house for anything valuable you might own, and you could find jewelry, gold pieces, or something else that would have real value to a loan company. You simply hand over these items to the loan company for safe keeping, knowing that you will get them back when the loan is paid off in full.

If you really don't want yet another credit card but still want an increase in your available funds, a personal loan might be the way to go. Contact a personal loans company today to discuss your options.